Overhead Hoists for Disabled People

Overhead hoists can be fixed to the ceiling or walls. Freestanding versions are also available.

Handi-Move Ceiling Hoist For Self Hoisting

Handi-Move Ceiling Hoist

Handi-Move Ceiling Hoist

Using the Handi-Move ceiling hoist with the Surehands Body Support System is the only safe way for someone to self hoist independently.

Handi-Move Ceiling Hoist With Four Point Spreader Bar



The Handi-Move ceiling hoist can also be used with 2 point and 4 point spreader bars for people that require assistance when hoisting.

Handi-Move Ceiling Hoist For Bath Transfers

Used in conjunction with their unique seat sling, the Handi-Move ceiling hoist is the perfect solution for people that want to enjoy a proper bath without being restricted to sitting in an uncomfortable plastic seat.


Liko Ceiling Hoists