Pool Hoists

Pool hoists are used to transfer people with restricted mobility into a swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool or hot tub. They can be completely portable or fixed to the decking, ceiling or a nearby wall depending on which is most suitable. Most pool hoists use a chair or sling system to lift people into and out of the water. Dolphin are one of the UK's leading pool lift specialists.

Handi-Move Pool Hoist


Anchored pool hoists need a socket or anchor to be fixed into the pool deck. The Handi-Move pool hoist can be moved and removed by one person. It lifts people using an electronic actuator which is powered by batteries.

PAL Portable Pool Hoist


The PAL portable pool hoist doesn't need to be fixed to the pool deck and can be wheeled away when it isn't being used. It comes with a 4 button handset an can be used by the person being lift or by a lifeguard or attendant. The PAL and the Splash are probably the world's most popular pool lifts.

i-Swim Portable Pool Hoist

Portable and stylish Italian designed portable pool hoist. Dolphin are the exclusive distributors of the i-Swim in the UK & Ireland.

Oxford Dipper Pool Hoist


The Dipper can be used with a transportable chair or spreader bar and sling.

Hot Tub Hoists


Hot Tub Hoists help people to be lifted into and out of a hot tub, spa or jacuzzi. There are wall fixed, portable and deck mounted hoists available.

BluOne Pool Hoist


Attendant operated portable pool hoist made in Italy and sold in the UK through Dolphin Lifts, the BluOne is a tried and tested solution for people that struggle to access swimming pools.

SPlash Pool Hoist

The Splash Pool Hoist is fixed into an anchor in the ground and has four way powered controls which means it can be operated by the person on the chair or by a lifeguard. The Spalsh is often used on cruise ships because of it's excellent reach. It can be adapted to work with many different types of swimming pools and hot tubs.

i-Swim 2 PortaBle Pool Hoist


The i-Swim2 pool hoist is a four way powered portable pool hoist. It can be operated by the user without assistance.